Zombie Mod-X

This is the official website of ZombieMod-X server which has been created on 2009 by [Fx]GhOst and Terminator !

There are over 15 maps which some of them are like Counter Strike Source for you and other to play !

This game is a copy of ZombieMod servers which are on Counter Strike Source .

Features :

  • Infecting system
  • Knockback the zombie when a human shots to it
  • Zombie class by random ( one person become zombie randomly in each map )
  • Moving sprunk machines by holding ALT
  • Vote system to vote next map
  • More than 15 maps
  • Enemy's team cant be showen on the radar
  • Friend's team can be showed with different colors on the radar
  • A menu at the first of each maps to buy guns
  • Team chat for both of team by just typing <!> before the message
  • And a lot of more features ...!